Chad Morris Doesn’t Fare Well in ESPN Ranking

Despite his offensive brilliance, SMU head coach Chad Morris might not be the guy you want starting at quarterback.

In an ESPN ranking of all 129 D1 coaches, Morris nearly came in dead last at 124. While it may come as a surprise to many SMU fans, Morris really wasn’t that much of a football star.

Morris graduated from Edgewood high school, where he started at quarterback for the Bulldogs. From there, he went to Texas A&M, but never played football for the Aggies.

While in high school, Morris was an avid athlete, competing in track and field as well as football. And while records were hard to find, we were able to uncover some pictures for Morris’s junior year of high school. From what we were able to find, it seems that Morris started for Edgewood his junior year, until he broke his collar bone and was sidelined. We were unable to find copies of the paper from 1986-1987, to reveal whether or not Morris started for the Bulldogs his senior year.

Coming in at number one of the list, was none other than former Heisman finalist and current Michigan head coach Jim Harbough. Although athleticism is everything on the field, Morris is a prime example of why looking at the talent of current players to try and pick out future coaches, isn’t always the best method.

In six years as a collegiate coach, Morris has harnessed and perfected one of the most potent offenses in the country. It is only a matter of time and talent before Morris is doing the same thing at SMU, that he did with Tulsa and Clemson.

And while Coach Morris’s talent on the field might be in question, the facial comparisons between 1985 and 2016 definitely are not.

1 year ago
Written by Jesse Carr
Jesse is journalism major at Southern Methodist University and co-founder of The Stable. A die hard Texan, Jesse loves Lonestar beer, tattoos, God, anything sports related, and contributes coverage of all SMU athletics.