Want SMU in the NCAA Tournament? There’s a petition you can sign The search for justice, from Moody Coliseum to The White House

By now, we all know the story.

There is one undefeated team in the United States of America when it comes to Division I men’s college basketball.

The No. 8 SMU Mustangs (18-0, 7-0).

The problem with that, the SMU Mustangs are not eligible for this year’s NCAA Tournament, or any postseason play for that matter.

In a beautifully argued article written by Aaron Torres on FoxSports.com, the punishment the NCAA sent down onto the SMU basketball program does not fit its crimes.

One of his main points:

— The two people involved in the infractions, now that Keith Frazier has officially transferred to North Texas, are no longer associated with the program, and now that head coach Larry Brown has served his nine-game suspension for ‘lack of institutional control,’ the NCAA is left with a completely innocent party serving out the sentence of others’ crimes

To remedy this situation, Torres actually started a real petition to President Barack Obama’s administration for the NCAA to lift SMU’s postseason ban, and allow them to play in the NCAA Tournament.


As you can see, the petition isn’t off to the fastest of starts, and needs 100,000 signatures before any official eyes are actually laid upon it.

As of 8:11 a.m. on January 21, 2016 – the petitions stands at 1,201 signatures.

I’m about to go put the ol’ John Hancock on it, myself. Don’t wait up.


1 year ago
Written by Joey Hayden
Joey is the managing editor and staff writer for The Stable, as well as the host of the "Inside The Stable" podcast, and in his spare time he is a digital sports editor for The Dallas Morning News. He graduated from SMU in 2014, follows sports religiously, and knows for a fact Han Solo shot first...